Brisant Ultion - Key Cutting Service

If you already have Brisant Ultion locks installed you may need additional keys at some point 

Pro-Lock are licensed by Brisant as an Approved Key Centre providing genuine Ultion keys in Essex and Suffolk 
Our Brisant licence No is 1016155

Please note : Many unlicensed key cutting stores typically found on the high street may attempt to copy your keys.  This will invalidate your lock warranty, key may be difficult to operate in lock (if it works at all) and it may result in lock failure leaving you locked in or out.  

More details relating to these issues can be found at

If ordering online without checking that the supplier is licensed all of the above may also apply along with the additional risks of the key being intercepted during delivery (potentially providing the thief with not only a key but also your home address)

Pro-Lock provide the following service for your convenience and security :

  • We take your key number by phone, de-crypt the key code and produce a direct replacement using a genuine Brisant Ultion key blank
  • Once the keys are ready we contact you and arrange for a locksmith to hand-deliver them (at a time convenient to you) 
  • On arrival the locksmith will test the keys to ensure they work perfectly 

Please call us on 01206 205679 

We take key enquiries from 9am to 7pm 7 days a week 

Ultion Key Cutting Essex Suffolk