Bifold Door Repairs

bifold door repairs

Common faults with bifold doors include :

  • Door won't lock - either handle doesnt lift fully or key won't turn

  • Door catches on the frame - most commonly the main door

  • Gaps appearing at top of doors

  • Impossible to close the doors during hot weather

  • The handle doesn't seem to operate the locking bolts on middle door anymore

  • Doors are jammed shut

Pro-Lock operate a specialist bifold door repair service throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

Whether your bifold doors have a fault or you would like to upgrade the security of your door set Pro-Lock are able to help

Bifold doors are expensive, extremely heavy door systems which require a very specific setup process and this is why we'd only recommend using a tried and tested, insured specialist for any type of bifold door repair. Time and again we've visited customers in Suffolk and Norfolk who've been told previously that a door cannot be repaired or left waiting for weeks for elusive spare parts only for the company quoting to start ignoring their calls and even instances where they've been told by installers that all bifold doors have problems and to "live with it". While we also appreciate people like to save a few ££ with DIY repairs bifold doors are extremely heavy, complex door systems so please think very carefully before adjusting/removing any parts as at best this may make a temporary repair at worst it may lead to injury or death.

Unfortunately we see many companies offering bifold door repairs but in reality few can provide a genuine specialist bifold service.

None of this is acceptable. As a significant investment you can, and should, expect your bifold doors to enhance your home. Bifold door sets do require regular maintenance, but this preventative maintenance can save you £££'s over the long term preventing the need for spare parts due to mechanical failure. Eventually, if left without maintenance, these heavy doors do tend to drop/sag and this alignment problem causes either a door to catch on the frame, handle difficult to lift or both. By ignoring these warning signs eventually mechanical parts become damaged and while we can repair you do then have the additional, avoidable cost of parts to add to the repair cost.

So why should I deal with Pro-Lock?

  • Pro-Lock have extensive experience of dealing with all bifold makes and models

  • We carry common parts in stock but if you have a part that does need to be ordered our average turnaround time is 24/48 hours - if your door is refusing to lock we can secure the door until parts arrive - keeping your home secure at all times

  • We provide a market leading 12 month warranty with all bifold door repairs - no-one else does this

  • We attend free of charge (no callout fees) - assess the fault - provide a quotation before any chargeable work starts

  • Pro-Lock operate a specialist bifold repair service throughout Suffolk and Norfolk and Essex

  • We only take payment upon completion of the work and this can be paid by cash, debit/credit card, Amex or bank transfer

So what next ?

If you live in Norfolk, Suffolk or Essex give us a call or send us an email. We guarantee a quick response, a competitive, no obligation quotation and if you decide to go ahead we provide quality, guaranteed workmanship with a market leading 24 month warranty

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