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Need a lock changed ?

Moved into a new home ?

Confused with all the different locks on the market and all the different security ratings ?

Want to improve your home security but don't want to spend £1000's ?

Pro-Lock are Manufacturer Approved Installers of the Brisant range of products including the Ultion Lock and the new Ultion Smart Lock in Essex

Lock snapping is an issue which affects millions of homes in the UK

The reality is you can spend £1000's on home security from CCTV to the latest alarm systems all of which do act as a deterrent but none prevent someone from physically entering your home.

We've all seen CCTV videos catching a burglar in the act and if lucky they catch an image of a face - but they've committed the crime, the damage is done and the only certainty is your home insurance premium is going to increase and there's a fair chance the criminal will never be caught

Alarm System? Good deterrent and as part of a layered home security structure it works well - But with most burglars in and out of your property in a few minutes and with todays Police response times (if your alarm is linked) it is unlikely anyone will be caught in the act

95% of Burglaries and Robberies in UK remain unsolved ( National Police Data 2017 )

The Ultion lock is a physical high security lock fitted to your door - Designed specifically to defend against modern burglary techniques. It is designed to replace your existing euro cylinder lock making it easy, and cost effective, to improve your security at a sensible price

Ultion locks can also simplify your home security - One key can operate all your locks whether front door, french doors even garage doors and padlocks

Burglars are aware of the Ultion lock and how it works - There is no "workaround" and its high security means it will deflect all types of lock attack keeping your home secure - It's distinctive look means it's easily identified by the burglar and they'll likely move on to an easier target preventing the crime before it even occurred

Lock snapping, as an issue, has received national media coverage since 2012 including Crimewatch but still homeowner awareness is low.

Burglars, Police and locksmiths are aware of the issue - Are You?

Pro-active security product - Deter and Prevent

Fully tested and accredited the Ultion Lock hold the highest possible security rating

Supplied with restricted keys - preventing unauthorised key copying

Installed by our locksmiths to ensure a high standard of finish along with a 24 month warranty as standard

If your considering changing your home locks, want to improve your home security or want to simplify by having one key to operate all locks please contact us to discuss further and discover how cost effective this solution can be

We're based in Colchester and operate throughout Essex so please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs

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